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Katherine Norman Soprano




Melbourne based Soprano soloist



"Katherine Norman and Kristy Biber are two thrilling sopranos"

Performing Arts Hub

"It unfurled beautiful evocations, especially from high sopranos" (Katherine Norman)

Limelight Magazine Oct 2018

"But the afternoon's outstanding effort came from the Evangelists: soprano Katherine Norman, mezzo Kristy Biber, tenor Robin Parkin, baritone Lucien Fisher"

Clive O'Connell Mar 2019

"Eumeralla: A significant step in Australia’s journey of reconciliation" *****

Tony Way Limelight Magazine Jun 2019

"The Consort of Melbourne (a vocal ensemble that champions historic and contemporary repertoire) directed by Steven Hodgson explored literary and musical interactions and bore witness to the kaleidoscopic expressive possibilities of the human voice."

Palimpsest **** 

Tony Way The Age Jun 2022

"The joy was contagious – the Consort’s Oh, the pleasure of the plains! was deliciously sung, with the fervour of a group unleashed from their usual formal style. They giggled and dashed about, perfect harmonies held while they threw balls to one another and played pranks."

Megan Stellar, Limelight Jul 2022

"The overall effect is a combination of the sweetest melodies, bright impish tunes ...  The vocals are heavenly ... The love in the room is unequivocal and the result is pure harmony."

Patricia Di Risio Stage Whispers Jan 2023

"Homophonic! is a collaboration [with] the always sublime Consort of Melbourne... What a treat this collaboration and performance was. The technical artistry in the room was stunning. The sheer joy and love and delight in the room was magic."

Susanne Dahn Theatre Travels Jan 2023

"Rising, Lacey and Veltheim and all the cast and crew, have given Melbourne a precious, special glimpse into the transcendency of voice"

Susanne Dahn Theatre Travels Jul 2023




10 June 2024

The Consort of Melbourne 

SBO DCC 16th Birthday Concert

Mooroopna, Shepparton



21 July 2024

The Consort of Melbourne

Songs of Fire and Ice

Wyselaskie Auditorium, Parkville 



24 August 2024

The Consort of Melbourne 

Recording Project 



- Preparations are underway for our Fire & Ice 21 July 2024 gig. Tickets are already on sale - would LOVE to see you there. 

- I’m vaccinated to play my part in bringing audiences back to the arts

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